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One of my widgets isn't updating!

Sometimes iChrome has trouble syncing with Chrome and it causes this issue.

Oftentimes the issue will go away by itself once they resync. If you are still having problems, we recommend uninstalling then re-installing iChrome.

Before you Uninstall

Make sure your settings are saved, click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of iChrome and select “Settings”

Navigate to the “Account” tab and make sure you are signed in to your Google Account

If you are not, please sign in otherwise your settings will be lost

To uninstall iChrome, go to Settings in your Chrome browser then More Tools-->Extensions.

Find iChrome in your list of extensions and select “Remove”

You will see a box asking if you are sure, then select remove.

To reinstall, go to the Chrome Web Store Page for the extension you want to install.

New Tab Extension:

Home Page Extension:

Once you’ve reinstalled, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of iChrome then select “Settings”

Navigate to the Account tab and select “Sign in with Google”

When prompted select “Use Account” to keep the same widgets you had installed before uninstalling

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